Why Indian visa application get rejected?!

Every applicant must have to submit all correct information carefully while filling out the Indian visa application form. Because of the one, wrong information can be a reason to denial of your e-visa.

Each country has its own rules & regulations for foreign visitors. So the government of India wants every foreign visitor to abide by the rules so that you can get all the facilities very comfortable. If you submit and give any false information, in this case, the applicant’s Indian visa application will be rejected, and applicants will have to apply for Indian e-visa afresh.

There are main following reasons:

  • Submitting the false travel documents        
    If the applicant submit the false travel documents to Indian embassy and using the any other fake identity. In this case when the official verify the each and every details on your documents. However, if the government of India officials are not able verify information which is submitted by applicants. Therefore your Indian visa application can be rejected.

  • Having past or present criminal record

    The consular officer checks the past and present background record of the applicant whether if the applicant has done criminal act or involved in some illegal activity (terrorism, drug abuse, other serious crimes) so in such cases the refusal might occur.  In this case applicant can be considered to threat to a public policy.  

  •  Invalid format of photographs and passport

    Visa can be rejected if applicant submit the wrong format of photographs and passport. And submitting photographs according to Indian visa photo requirements.

  •  Having damaged passport

    When the applicant holding the damaged passport. The condition of passport should be good. In such cases like when passport pages are missing or detaching and cover of passport is damaged, scratched and so on. So if applicant don’t want to deny the visa application, therefore, you must keep your passport in good condition.

  •  In valid passport

    Another reason is passport invalidity such as when passport do not have six month validity from the date of arrival, passport does not have two blank pages, presenting the older passport more than 10 years or expired passport.  

  •  Wrong information on documents and passport

    Another reason for visa denial can be not having the same details as you mention on Indian visa application form and your passport and other documents. Such as if your Date of Birth does not match with your passport, different residence address, wrong references or any other information.

  • Applying through two different websites at the same time.

    Another big reason can be, if applicant applying for Indian e-visa through two different websites. In this case the Indian consular will reject the multiple e-visa application request  for the same applicant. 

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